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Bone density

DXA scans


Our bones lose their density with age. We therefore experience a generally higher risk of fractures. This “natural” development can actually be slowed down by adopting a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity and a diet rich in calcium. Nevertheless, there are many risk factors that can also substantially accelerate the process. This can then lead to - usually unnoticed – osteoporosis, the decalcification of the bones.


The technically complex DXA scan is a simple examination for the patient. It precisely measures the condition of the bones and allows the practitioner to determine a necessary treatment in accordance with the guidelines. The DXA scan is the only internationally recognized technique to do this.



The examination takes about ten minutes and there is no need for the patient to prepare in any way. Results are available directly after the screening and can be discussed with you.


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Bone density (DXA scans)

Laboratory medicine