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Carotis artery


Sonography scans of the carotis artery are used to examine two issues; the different parts of the artery wall are scrutinized in longitudinal and cross section view and the blood flowing through the artery is displayed and measured.


With this, even the slightest stenosis of the vessel can be detected. In case of heavy stenosis, the same examination will clarify the degree of the calcification. Turbulences and velocity changes in the blood flow can be identified by means of the “Doppler effect”, which is why the examination is also called “carotis Doppler examination”.



There is no need for the patient to prepare in any way. The examination takes about 10-20 minutes and has no side effects.


In some cases, it can be very difficult and technically challenging to display all parts of the vessel. In our estimation, however, this only applies to about 3% of all examinations.


The examination is an ideal tool to identify a stenosis in the case of patients with respective risk factors (e.g. smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, familiar disposition, etc.). It is obligatory to clarify any neurological symptoms and firmly established in internal/neurological diagnostics.


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