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There are already many companies considering the benefits of preventive health care for their staff, and there are good reasons to do so:


  • New challenges for companies
    The extremely fast development of the markets forces us to ever take new ways. Success is increasingly defined through flexibility, innovation, creativity, experience and knowledge as well as motivation and dedication. Demands on staff are changing.
  • Demographic change
    The fact that there are more and more older people in society has also got an impact on companies. Since 2000, there have already been more employees over the age of 50 than under the age of 30 in Germany - and this development is continuing.
  • Changing values in our society – a changed attitude towards working 
    Employees are increasingly looking for a more pleasuring and meaningful life; they ask for more freedom, recognition, possibilities to develop and participate in their jobs. They strive less for moving ahead with their careers, but more for being able to maintain a good work-life-balance.


This makes it ever more important to have motivated, efficient and, in particular, healthy staff and to keep them. This, in return, will not only pay off with regard to the profitability and competitiveness of a company; for the staff, it will also foster the valuable quality of their working environment and their lives and, with this, the attractiveness of the company.


What can PKD am Städel do for you and your company?

PKD am Städel offers you to take on an essential part of your company’s health promotion efforts with individually conceived preventive examinations for your staff (check up programs). These focus on the medical needs of your staff as they are holistic measures, respecting life phases and being detached from professional positions within the company.


It is our task as physicians at PKD to identify the necessary diagnostic measures for each of your employees and to carry them out thoroughly, respecting the particular conditions of each case. The employees will fill in a questionnaire to help suggest the necessary examinations that will then be personally discussed and explained in detail.


After all the examinations have been done (“basic check up”, “basic check up plus” and potentially additional screenings), the results will be discussed thoroughly; the patient will receive a findings report and, if need be, therapy recommendations as well as suggestions for a healthy lifestyle. This is also about raising your employees’ awareness for potential health risks and then helping them achieve new aims.