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Echocardiography, Color duplex


This sonography screens and measures the functioning of the cardiac chambers, muscles, valves and the pericardium. Many cardio-vascular and lung diseases lead to (initially asymptomatic) disorders of the heart that can be revealed by this scan.


Echocardiography demands for special technical equipment: it shall display the tissue as detailed as possible (spatial resolution) as well as the partly very fast movements, of the valves in particular, in their chronological order (temporal resolution). In addition to that, the scan displays the blood flow in the chambers and past the valves and measures its direction and velocity (color duplex).



The patient is scanned lying on the left side. It takes about 10-20 minutes, needs no preparation and has no side effects.


Sonography scans of the heart have several purposes: in the case of patients with high blood pressure, the scan can reveal thickened cardiac walls (left ventricular hyperthrophy); it helps detect valve defects if previous stethoscopic examinations have revealed cardiac murmurs; in the event of an unclarified loss of energy and shortness of breath, a possible reduction of the contraction capacity of the muscles can be searched; patients that have suffered from an infarction can be screened to assess the muscle “scar” and identify potential clots; in the case of lung diseases, the blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation can be measured (“pulmonary hypertension”); etc..


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