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Check up

Preventive medicine


Why consider getting a check up?

When getting a check up from the practitioner of your choice you will only be granted a “snapshot” at your general health. Seen as a preventive examination it will show you that, in the best of all cases, “everything is fine” and there is no need to act. If, however, you are diagnosed with a disease that needs treatment or risk factors are revealed there will be the chance to react early and in an appropriate way.


There are many reasons for patients to decide to get a check up; e.g. non-specific troubles like having a general feeling of a “loss of energy”, formal reasons like having passed another decade of age, being concerned with the partner’s health, or even due to important decisions like making a big investment.


This implies for the practitioner to carefully and thoroughly make a diagnose taking the respective conditions and demands of the patient’s situation into account. The practitioner will then suggest and discuss with you the necessary examinations. The results of these examinations will then thoroughly be explained afterwards and respective therapies will be recommended.


A preventive check up offers you the following examinations


  • An extensive physical examination and a check of your medical history
    (gathering all of the necessary information to evaluate your health)
  • Examination of the cardio-vascular system during repose and under strain 
    (ergometry, spiro-ergometry)
    Further information
  • Examination of the bronchial system
    and the lungs
    (spirometry, body plethysmography)
    Further information
  • Cardiac sonography
    (echocardiography, color duplex sonography)
    Further information


  • Sonography of the organs
    thyroid gland, abdominal organs (liver, gall bladder, bile ducts, pancreas, spleen, kidney, suprarenal glands, bowels, prostate gland), lymph nodes
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    Thyroid gland, Abdominal organs


How to enhance your check up?